Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It has been a few years- some updates

Hi! It has been a while. This blog has been popular, but not the focus on my attention. Let me tell you what I have going on and why I have been gone for 3 years. First, it was been over 10 years since I wrote my BA Honors Thesis about the Hijras. Since then I have gotten an MLS (Library Science) and a MA in Communication. I am working in an academic library teaching students about research skills. I have always felt this blog and my research page were my offerings to students on a topic that they would hunt for information about. My goal was to help you pick search terms, find research and enter into an academic conversation about this group. So much has changed since then. Not only is it easier to find research, but the Hijra community is part of a larger, more accessible conversation about gender roles and identity. It isn't a perfect awareness, but there is so much more awareness that I am happy. My personal research interests have shifted. I am more interested in understanding the way Wikipedia fits into the world of research. This blog is still pretty popular though and there is a place for it. While this will probably be the last post for another 3 years, I am not shutting it down. The past entries will remain here for you to review. I will also respond to any comments that come in. Thank you to those who have used this blog and if you would like to be involved in updating it, I am happy to share it with you. Please just let me know. Sara