Tuesday, September 15, 2009

German Student Needs Some Help

I got an email from a German student doing research on the Hijras. He could use some help from experts or Hijras themselves. The email had been edited as bit for length and spelling.

my Name is David, I'm a student of History of India in Berlin/Germany.
I'm close to finishing my studys with a final essay: Hijras- From the Mythologie till Today.

I'm trying an overview from the first stories about Hijras in Mythology, to the means of Islam, to the British and finally to modernity.

I would love to ask some Hijras, or people who stand close, a few questions.

One of my Thesis is, that most Hijras are homosexual or transgendered- which is nothing new, but that there are so many because the sexual education in India is no good and people who are homosexual and transgendered, just don't know about this things. They only know Hijras are the ones to live with if you don't desire woman and don't feel like becoming a father.
And the second Thesis is, that there will be less Hijras in future, because of the growing of sexual education and the following awareness of gender differences.

So, to put it straight:
-Would you agree that Hijras are going to vanish because of sexual education or do you think Hijra is a lifestyle more than only being homosexual or transgendered?
-Do you think heterosexual man also follow Bahuchara Mata, after dreaming of her and emasculate themself?
-Why do you think ist Bahuchara Mata the main goddess, I cant find the link between cutting of the penis and getting the power to curs or bless.
- What is the impact of islam on the hindu huijra cult? Is castration maybe a heritage from Islam?

Are you able to help David? If so, contact him directly at: captain-dave@web.de and make sure you mention that you saw his email on the blog.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Making some changes

Clearly, I can't up with this blog as much as I would like. There has been tons of news coming out about the Hijra community, I just haven't been able to post it. I have a solution thanks to RSS feeds. I have set up 2 feeds for anyone to use.
1) Google News feed: This is what I have been using for years and getting the emails about news. This feed will post when a news article mentions Hijras. Keep in mind, it's not perfect, but it will get the news posted faster than me. These are typically free newspapers from around the world.

2) Academic Research feed: I pulled from an American research database, Academic Search Premier, to get articles from newspapers, magazines and journal articles ABOUT Hijras. This will post the most recent 5 articles.

There may be some overlap, but better than slow poke Sara.