Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Flurry of Activity

I got a Google Alert today with a ton of different articles.

1) Homosexuality and The Indian: This article deals with the paradox in the sexual culture of India. That is that many men engage in sex with other men, but do not identify themselves as homosexual. The Hijra community gets mentioned, in my interpretation, as a more acceptable way for men to exhibit more flagrant behavior. They justify their homosexuality with the idea that they are neither men nor women. It is an interesting article.

2) Varanasi Actor Living With Eunuchs for Real-Life Experience: This article is about an actor who is preparing for a movie role by living with the Hijra community.

3) We Have Come To Earn Salvation: This article deals with an effort to convert Hijras to Christianity during the Sitalsasti festival. There was no insinuation that they missionaries were trying to get the hijras to reconsider their life-style. It seems they just wanted to spread the word of Jesus.

4) Pakistan's Window of Opportunity to Prevent HIV: This article talks about the World Bank and Pakistan's chance to prevent the spread of HIV. It is well known that the Hijra community experiences high levels of HIV and AIDS due to unprotected sex. Pakistan currently has low numbers of people infected and the World Bank want to use this as the opportunity to educate and prevent.

5) Zombie Nation: This is a fun article about Bollywood horror movies. Zibahkhana or Hell's Ground is a horror movie in Pakistan that includes a bit of pop culture from rock music to the hijras. Sounds like a fun movie.