Monday, February 26, 2007

Santoshi Mata

About a month ago I posted an entry of someone looking for more information on a goddess mentioned in HBO documentry (see the entry bellow this one). It took a while, but someone responded to the call for more information with this in the comments:
"Coming to this post the name of the godess is Santoshi Mata (not Santo Shimanta) Pronounced as follows :- 'San' to rhyme with the english word 'run', 'to' as the 'tho' in 'litho.. 'Shi' as 'she' and Mata you would perhaps recall from your visit to india. The Godess is worshipped by wives, and is supposed to protectthem and their husbands from evil/ misfortune."

I went to wikipedia (I know, this is not authoritative in any way) and found the entry for her:

It seems as if she is not a Hijra specific goddess, but almost a marriage goddess. If someone has a more specific connection to her and the Hijra community, please share. Also, thank you very much to the anonymous poster who shared this information.