Tuesday, January 16, 2007

HBO Documentry: Middle Sexes and a call for more information

I got an email this afternoon from Wade who had seen this documentary. I admit that I have been pretty lax with blog updates of late, but other things call my attention (knitting, academia, etc.). This email caught my attention for two reasons. One was that HBO had done this documentry about transexuals and transgendered people. They included some information about the hijra community. If anyone out there saw the documentary and would like to share some comments, please do so in the comments of this post.
The other reason this email caught my attention is that Wade is interested in something mentioned by one of the hijras interviewed. Here's a quote from the email:
"So, I [was] wondering if, in your studies, you have ever heard a Goddess connected to the cult whose name sounds like (it may not have the "N" in the final syllable of the second half of Her name): Santo Shimanta? ... after their sexual reassignment surgery, during their Ritual Initiation one Neophyte was lead to the [shrine] of this Goddess whom, the special noted, required the sacrifice of the former genitalia."

I did a quick and dirty search and came up with nothing. I am hoping my readers (if there are some) may have better luck or knowledge. So, please comment on that as well.