Friday, July 07, 2006

Bullied by Eunuchs

This is the second article from an American paper. The previously mentioned article come from a small NYC paper and this one is from the LA Times. Chu, during his move to India, had an encounter with two hijras and he share's his experience combined with some research he did. He comes off as someone who had this experience and then ran to the internet to find out what had just happened. He does a pretty good job of remaining somewhat objective, but his disdain for the community comes through.
This article did include mention of the book "City of Djinns" by William Dalrymple. I have not heard of this book before, but its probably because it's not about the hijras, but rather is about Dalrymple's experiences in India including an experience with the hijra community.

Chu did not seem to have too much of an appreciation for the complexity of the history and lifestyles of hijras, but getting american attention for them is still a pretty big deal in my opinion.

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Hello there, I'm a college student in wisconsin and I just wanted to tell you that your blog here was a great help to me, as I am writing a final paper in my History of Hinduism class on the hijra community. Keep up the good work!