Friday, August 12, 2005

Hijra Matchmakers

This very interesting article appeared in my in-box this morning. It is about Auntie Noorie, she is a hijra, the third reported case of AIDS in India (according to the article), and now a matchmaker for those who hare HIV positive. The entire article is lengthy and deals more with the HIV/AIDS epidemic in India, but hijra community does get a mention. Its an interesting way of seeing how the disease has brought people together in different ways.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara, I am amazed about the amount of the information.
I am about to start writing a short (5-6 pages) essay about the community of hijras. I am studying indology (Indian Studies) in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe.
I just wanted to ask if I can contact you somehow in case I had any question and needed help.
My email is If you write to me, please write "hijra" in the subject so I won´t delete your email as spam :o))
Have a beautiful day,

Anonymous said...

Hello Sara!

I'm also doing a project about the hijra community in India. I am planning a year-long study of how gender is constructed and viewed in societies where a third gender exists. For this project, I would like to actually go to India and talk to people there. I was wondering if you knew of anyone to contact about living there or finding people to interview. If possible, could I also ask you a few questions on what you've learned? If you had any advice for me, I would really appreciate it! You can contact me at rcarter [at] or by AIM , rakhila416. Thank you so much!


eddyericks1343 said...
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