Friday, April 29, 2005

Castration - forced or choice

When I presented my thesis to the committee, the one thing all the men focused on was the issue of castration. Were hijras forced into the surgery or did they go willingly. I explained that it seemed to be a combination of both depending on the group each hijra was part of.
This article mentions a recent story about a man who claimed to have been forced into the surgery by the hijras, but the story itself defends the community with other hijras claiming that no guru would do that.


Anonymous said...

it is their will and agreat sacrifice for the goddess.

Sara M said...

For most Hijras, I would say you are correct that this is their will. There are a number of stories out there that suggest there are many people who are forced into the surgery. You can not deny that both possibilities are valid.

ashi said...

sara are all hijras hermaphordite or some are transexual or normal male or female who adopted the role because of money

Sara Marks said...

From what I recall of the research it's a bit of both. Some are hermaphrodites, while others have chosen to be castrated. There are probably cases of forced castration as well. There are some who say the role is adopted, while others say they were born to be women. In the west we have a similar debate between choice and nature when it applies to sexual orientation.