Friday, September 10, 2004


I am very excited to learn about the existance of the Wikipedia and it's listing for the hijra community.
To answer some questions and make some comments about this resource:
What is the Wikipedia?
From my understanding, this is an open source encyclopedia that allows you to edit the entries for content, resources, external links, and engage in conversations about said entries. Some nice aspects include the links to related entried in the text of the entry as well as the ability to add and remove any links and resources that are found.
What about the scholarly nature of these entries? I would never use an encyclopedia for more than a jumping off point in my own research; a way to get a basic idea on what my research is about, if you will. The same should apply to this. The fact is that this is not scholarly and should not be used as a scholarly source.
What is the accuracy dispute? That's pretty self explanitory, someone is questioning the accuracy of the entry or parts of it. Specifically, someone is questioning the neutrality and accuracy of the content. If you look at the first post of the conversation you can get the idea of the dispute. From what I have read at the beginning the dispute revolves around the idea of a third sex not specifically the hijra community themselves.

If you are going to contribute (which I hope to in the future), I encourage you to create a profile and really get involved. Use it to connect to other communities similar to the hijras for your research. Get involved in the conversation, but be intelligent and do not resort to the petty things that frequent the internet and annoy serious users. Above all, I suggest not taking things too seriously as this is the internet and not a scholarly situation. There is a chance that people there are looking to start a fight or to just simply get the conversation going with a debate.

I hope you all get to have fun with this new aspect of the web. I will keep an eye out for other interesting advances and research that comes out of this new resource.

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