Saturday, January 24, 2004

Email sent to me

I got this in a email this morning. I thought it was something to share here with everyone who reads this. Feel free to respond if you have something to share with this group:

This is a team of self proclaimed Bodhis..working and studying for the hijra community, Eunoch community, who have not been in the mainstream socities. Myths of their presence from early humanhood, we have initiated plans to work for the development of our Eunoch community with providing mainstream and vocational education and trainings.
We have been apeAaling to organizations to support us with information, medical research and rehabilititation tips for us to blend them into local systems and also to participate in your human development program as co-ordinaters.

Presently we are located at:
70/1, Bama Charan Roy Road
Behala, Kolkata- Pin code- 700 034.
West Bengal
Phone: 033-34478908

we are adding up citywise franchisees of the same group of dedicated volunteers to support this community and prevent their abuse, and the trending move of the community into un-organized and organized crime with lack of education, and medical and social rehabilitation.
We expect your cooperation on providing us with an intellectual tie- up to do some service to a community who are mostly avoided and exploited as well.
Anticipating your response.

With warm regards,
Koushik Chatterjee